Thinking of buying
or selling?

Using a Solicitor with Planning expertise will give you an edge in understanding the risk and potential of your purchase or sale.

At BEH Legal, our competitive Conveyancing pricing and knowledge of the property market will help you buy and sell with confidence.

We also offer a discount for first home buyers and provide particular speciality in Heritage properties.

In a Nutshell

BEH Legal Services focuses on delivering practical legal solutions to support you throughout all your property transaction

A passion drives our philosophy that legal outcomes come from a place of solid communication with our clients. We understand that a legal journey can be intimidating, and we are driven to lessen that anxiety and work with our clients to reach positive results.

Focused on property and planning law, we love working with our clients to help them create their story.

Theodora Gianniotis


Theodora is a qualified NSW lawyer and Cultural Heritage specialist with over 20 years of experience specialising in property, conveyancing, planning, heritage, local
government law and regulatory requirements with extensive project management experience.

Theodora has worked in property and conveyancing for over a decade and embraces all the latest technology to ensure a fresh and dynamic approach to her legal outcomes. She brings her extensive planning knowledge to every Conveyance. Theodora’s greatest strength is using her approachable communication skills to build strong relationships with her clients.

Having completed a Masters of Environmental Law, Theodora can advise on a vast area of property law, including a unique understanding of planning and local government legislation.

Theodora has chaired many projects throughout her career, a testimony of strong organisation and leadership skills. She is passionate about constantly negotiating the best outcome for her clients. Using her strong cultural awareness experience, she practices law with inclusivity and empathy to explain process and outcome in all her practice areas.

Theodora Gianniotis

Do not wait: the time will never be 'just right'.
Start where you stand, and work whatever tools you may have at your command

Napoleon Hill

Areas of Law

BEH Legal Services looks to provide the tools for you to take action on that ‘just right’ opportunity for you to make your dreams come true with as little risk as possible.


BEH Legal understands the property investment is for most more than just a commercial transaction but it is, someones first home, your dream home, the place you wish to grow your business.

Sale or Purchase, Residential, Retails or Commercial, BEH Legal Services will work closely with you to help you realise your vision and make it a reality in realty.

First Home Buyers

BEH Legal recognises that this is an anxious time and a significant investment after years of savings. BEH Legal is committed to answering unlimited questions and navigating you through your first legal property transaction to lessen the unease.

We are committed to making the experience as streamless as possible so you can enjoy your first home purchase. We understand the uncertainty of first home purchases, and we
are committed to reviewing up to five contracts within our fixed fees.

Commercial & Retail Leases

Yes, there is a difference, and this affects how each should be negotiated. 

In simple terms, a retail lease is a lease of business premises where the permitted
use is for selling goods.

A Commercial lease is more likely an industrial site or an office in a commercial building with no retail activity.

If you feel you have found the right place for your business BEH Legal is well placed to discuss any constraints and opportunities before you commit.


Ensuring your assets and interests are well looked after, not just for you but also for your family, is more than just filling out a will kit.

At BEH Legal, we can advise and direct on simple estate planning for your peace of mind. Your wills are only one part of estate planning, and serious consideration should also be given to your financial, medical and lifestyle affairs managed in the event of ill health or old age.

We will sympathetically discuss with you putting in place Powers of Attorney, Enduring Guardians and explaining the difference, so your decision can give you peace of mind.

Planning & Heritage

BEH Legal will guide you through any planning concerns, from small residential renovations to major development sites.

With experience as both Heritage and Planning Lawyer, BEH Legal can provide comprehensive planning advice and strategic negotiations with local government.

We can advise on Council Orders, Planning Instruments, Neighbourhood disputes, DA outcomes.

With years of experience in Heritage world best practice, BEH Legal is unique in its ability to be able to advise institutions and community bodies on repatriation of cultural heritage items, develop a policy for cultural heritage registers and advise on the rights and responsibilities
of custodians of cultural heritage items

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